Who we are

Atlas Coast is…

Atlas Coast is different.  We believe the process starts with the candidate and that it should be the candidate’s idea, not ours, for them to seek new work. Everyone we place is someone we’ve known, have met, or has been personally referred.  In order to make a good fit, we need to know the candidate’s story first.  It is essential that we learn things such as where they’ve come from, why they’re seeking new work, what they do well, what they want to do, salary situation, location preferences, and career goals. 

Atlas Coast has been successfully connecting job candidates, contractors and consultants with clients since 2002. We look forward to working with you.

Our future

Since our beginning, developing meaningful relationships has been our focus, and that will never change.  We recognize that each person we meet with has value, and we will always remain committed to helping others.  We look forward to continuing to serve our clients, candidates, and employees as we continue to grow in both our existing and future markets.