Atlas Coast places temporary contractors and permanent employees into IT positions, whether they are full-time or part-time opportunities, on or off site.

Every employee we place comes to us by way of a referral or is an already existing relationship. Every candidate is met in person by an Atlas Coast recruiter. Together they will spend time talking about the reason for change, targeted salary, preferred locations and skill set.

Some candidates will be looking specifically for a contract position, others will be seeking a permanent job. Our role is not to place these candidates into positions we choose for them, but rather to present them with opportunities they would choose for themselves. Likewise, our role is to present qualified candidates to clients that could not find them on their own. Someone who not only fits the skill set required to do the job, but someone who also fits the culture and personality of that client/manager/department. When we place a candidate that reflects the mission of the client, everyone wins. The contract employee successfully completes the project, the permanent employee finds a long term home. The client can focus on growth rather than attrition.


Project Assistance

Atlas Coast offers project assistance and staff augmentation through our contract division. We start by focusing on the project along with a detailed assessment of timeframe, deliverables and necessary experience to find the best fit for your company’s particular project or staffing need.

Contract to hire

Atlas Coast offers a contract to hire option for clients who prefer a blend between staff augmentation and direct hire. This flexibility allows the current work to continue to get done while evaluating the individual for a full-time position within the company.

Helpful Feedback

As part of our commitment to enduring and collaborative relationships with clients and candidates, we stay informed and involved throughout the length of the project. Feedback is given to both the client and consultant, and all expectations and concerns are addressed.

Direct placement

A Good Match

We serve people who are unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed. While there are no perfect employees, and no perfect employers, there are employees and employers who are perfect for each other. Having strong, three-dimensional relationships on both sides of that equation provides us with the opportunity to introduce one party to the other.

Long Term Relationships

We are in constant touch with people on both sides of the desk in the IT industry. There is no timeline here, no expiration date; relationships are not based on transactions. We believe it should be the candidate’s idea, not ours, for them to seek new work, and finding that opportunity can take time. By knowing our clients and candidates, we can be a valued extension of both of their networks and help make better long-term fits for both parties.

Qualified Candidates

Atlas Coast makes a significant effort to find out as much about your company as possible: not just the particular opening available, but the surrounding needs and desires to make sure you see only the best qualified candidates for the position. At no point should this feel like you’re ordering a pizza.

Case Study

Network Administrator

A client reaches out to us for help when their network administrator unexpectedly gives them his two-week notice. We can offer them a contract professional who can help with knowledge transfer from their outgoing employee. This person can then continue...

  • +What makes Atlas Coast different from other recruiting firms?

    Our focus is placing candidates and consultants whom we already know or have been referred to us. We’re not headhunters, we don’t advertise on job boards, and we don’t solicit people over social media. We believe it should be the candidate’s idea, not ours, when they are ready for their next career move or project assignment. We want to make sure every placement is a great fit for everyone involved. This approach has earned us trust with our clients and candidates and helped us make many good friends and long lasting relationships in the process.

  • +Does Atlas Coast place any skill sets outside of the IT field?

    Atlas Coast specializes exclusively in the temporary and permanent placement of information technology professionals. From time to time we are asked by clients and candidates for assistance in a non-IT search. In these cases we refer the business out to trusted partners who specialize in engineering, marketing, finance and administrative staffing, among others.

  • +What locations do you service?

    Atlas Coast primarily services the West Michigan and Greater Chicago markets. We will also consider positions connected to our existing clients outside of those locations.

  • +What kinds of companies does Atlas Coast work with?

    Atlas Coast has provided staffing services to over 200 companies since 2002. We have business relationships with customers of every size and across multiple industries. As with candidates, every client is met in person, and every job order is unique. This personal touch ensures we will understand who will fit well into the culture, both personally and technically.

  • +How does Atlas Coast find its job candidates?

    Candidates are referred to us through our existing and ever-expanding network. We are involved in local business and technology events, serve on boards with various organizations, and are actively engaged through social clubs, schools, and churches within the community. We put ourselves in a position to come into contact with people on a regular basis, the outcome of which is a collection of relationships benefitting everyone involved.