Elections and Employment

I recently was talking with a friend of mine who has an adult son searching for work.  He recently got an interview through a person he knew and had a couple of interviews that seemed to go well.  But as of late the feedback has gone quiet, and it appears the company isn’t in a hurry now to move forward on that position.  As my friend suggested possible reasons for this, he wondered aloud if perhaps this company and others were waiting until after the election to hire.  I thought this would be an interesting question to discuss as the election approaches this week.

I’ve been in the employment field the past 13 years, and this will be the fourth presidential election to occur during that time.  In all of the conversations we’ve had with clients who have been hiring through the years, I’ve never heard one of them mention an election as a barrier for hiring.  I’m not saying that the results of an election won’t have an impact at some point, but whatever it may be won’t be known for some time in the future.  Those working directly in government jobs or other institutions in the public sector may feel the effects of an election sooner.  But for those in the private sector, the vast majority won’t see much of a difference, if any at all, based on an election.

I do feel strongly that everyone should engage in the process, research the candidates and the issues, and exercise their vote.  Electing good leaders can make a positive difference in our nation, state, and local community.
I think many citizens mistakenly look to government to solve their personal employment crises.  Earlier this year I wrote about government programs and explained why I haven’t seen these have a major impact on employment, despite the well-intentioned nature.  Similarly, I feel that those who go to the polls on Tuesday expecting the results to somehow solve their employment problems will be disappointed.

But if you’re searching for new work, more work, or different work, then I would recommend building more relationships and networking with others.

So please remember to vote this Tuesday.  But if you’re looking to change your Sunday Night Feeling, keep networking with others!

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