The Weight of Employment

I have personally struggled with weight nearly all of my entire adult life, as it has fluctuated by over 100 pounds.  Six years ago I got serious about addressing it and made some positive changes in this area.  These included eating better, eating less, and exercising more.  Nothing earth shattering, but I’ve simply committed to this lifestyle now on a consistent basis for a longer period of time in my life than ever before.  It still has not become second nature, and it isn’t a perfect road, but I now feel more in control of this aspect.

I’d like to explore this week how your weight could be affecting both acquiring and retaining employment.  The cost of health care has skyrocketed in our country, and obesity has played a major role in adding to these costs.  Many companies still carry a significant portion of their employees’ health care costs.  Because of this, they are more wary of overweight candidates throughout the interview process.  This may help explain why sometimes a phone interview can go so well, but the subsequent in-person interview suddenly goes poorly.

If you feel that your weight may be a barrier to employment, then becoming a contractor or independent could be a great strategy, either on an interim or long-term basis.  This way, the focus of the relationship will be on your skills and abilities, and health care benefits will no longer be a barrier.

I can understand the struggles that many feel in this area, and my advice would be to not try to fix things on your own.  Getting support from others is an important part of achieving any worthy goal.  Building strong relationships is a huge key, as life is meant to be a team sport!  Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not only good for your health, but may also be critical for your career.

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