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Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs.  Surveys differ on the percentages, but all of them find that a large majority are not happy at work.  This is unfortunate since we spend most of our waking lives at our jobs.  Fortunately, it is unnecessary to feel this way, and taking the initiative to change this is an important step in the process. 

Here are seven things to consider when looking for a new or different career.

  1. Should fit your gifts and abilities– What are you good at?  This is an important place to start.  Most people tend to like doing things that they’re good at, so it is especially important to choose careers with this idea in mind.
  2. Be able to make a living at it- Making money should be a consideration before pursuing any career.  Being able to take care of your financial responsibilities in life is very important.  If you like your job, but you’re not earning at least a decent living, then it might be time to take some steps to do something different.
  3. Feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from it.  Is your work making a positive difference in the lives of others?  Most people want their work to be part of a noble cause, and this should be an important part of deciding where you’ll work.
  4. Aligns with your values- Many people complain that the company they work for says one thing, but acts contrarily.  Life is too short to continue working for these types of firms, so be proactive about moving on, or starting your own business.
  5. Allows proper balance for you and your family- If you chose to have a family, simply providing for them financially isn’t enough.  You need to choose a career that allows you to spend time with them, too.
  6. Challenges you and helps you grow– It has been said that if you’re not growing, you’re dying.  It is important to find a career that you find both interesting and challenging to keep things exciting.
  7. You love it!  Do you look forward to Mondays?  Since there is another one coming every seven days, it is critical you find something that you enjoy.

The mission of this blog is to help people combine their vocation with their occupation and get rid of their Sunday Night Feeling forever.  I hope the above tips help you as you pursue your owns passions and interests and find your life’s calling.

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