New Year, New Job?

New Year’s Day is one of my absolute favorite times of the year.  For me, the best part is that it always represents a fresh start.  For nearly the past two decades, one of my New Year’s Day traditions is to spend time reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the new one.  I always have a notepad and pen nearby and will list my goals for the next twelve months.

Currently I have nine different categories I list goals for: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Financial, Marriage, Family, Ministry, Travel, and Business.  I try to be as specific as possible with each one I write.  Throughout the year I will keep this list on my desk and will review it periodically.  I will cross off the ones that get accomplished, and sometimes add or revise others as the year progresses.   I feel that writing them down, being specific, and checking them periodically has helped me accomplish many of them through the years and stay focused.

One goal many people I speak with have this time of year is finding new or different employment.  If you share this desire, you have a lot of company.  According to a recent survey by Right Management, 86% said they plan to seek new employment in 2013.  Another 8% said they may seek work and have been networking already.  Only 5% said they do not plan on seeking new work.  These findings are similar to the past couple of years.

The first quarter of the new year typically is the best hiring time because many companies have new budgets and are in need of key personnel to achieve many of their corporate initiatives.  But many people who say they desire to find new work often don’t take the proper steps to do so or demonstrate the proper urgency, and therefore miss out.  It usually takes a lot of time and effort planning and networking to secure the right opportunity.  Sometimes I see people make a mistake by being too hasty in taking a different job when offered without making sure it truly improves their overall situation.  Ideally you want to find an opportunity that aligns with your values, interests, gifts, and abilities.  Doing so allows you to find the most personal satisfaction from your work and look forward to each day.

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