Purpose Driven Employment

“It’s not about you.”  That is the first line in Rick Warren’s classic, The Purpose Driven Life.  This statement runs so contrary to what the world tells us, as well as our natural tendencies.

The biggest problem I notice with people who are job searching is that they focus on themselves.  While it may be second nature to do so, it makes the process of seeking work a lot more difficult.  Zig Ziglar says that “You’ll get all that you want out of life if you’ll help enough other people get what they want.”

Companies aren’t interested in giving you a job just because you need one, but they’ll be pleading for you to take one if they believe you can solve their problems.  For instance, I’m not interested in hiring a plumber’s services just to be nice.  But if a pipe breaks at my home, they can’t get here soon enough!  Your focus should be to identify the needs of others first, and then help create solutions for them.  Networking is the preferred way to go about this, too.

The best way to approach employment is to take the focus off of you and put it on others.  The reason companies hire employees and consultants are to solve their own problems, not yours.  If you need more work, or different work, I’d suggest looking for those that have problems that you can help solve.  If you’re not used to this type of mindset, I’d recommend doing some regular volunteering which is a great way to get in the habit of thinking of others first.

It is always most satisfying to help others from our own set of unique gifts and talents.  When you’re working within your “sweet spot,” you gain energy from the experience, rather than feeling drained.  It gives you purpose with your employment, thereby allowing you to combine your calling with your occupation.

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