The Power of Relationships

I love to hear stories about how people got the jobs they have.  When I ask, they typically start their response by saying, “Well, I knew…”  Rarely do I hear, “Well, I applied….”  The best way to get a job is through other people, commonly referred to as networking.  The hardest way to get a job is to apply blindly to advertisements.  Yet I find that most job seekers spend their energies online and put little effort into actually meeting and interacting with more people.  It seems that the majority of individuals don’t want to tell others that they’re seeking different work until they land their next job, but the irony is that they probably won’t find their next job unless they first tell people that they know!

Networking with others should be a lifestyle and not simply a job searching strategy.

Most companies strongly prefer to hire a “known” individual.  It could be a friend of someone who already works there, but more often I find that job opportunities come through an acquaintance.  This is the reason why learning how to meet and develop relationships with others is so important.  The places you can make connections are endless.  The key is making the effort to get to know people and finding a way to keep in touch with one another afterwards.  This is where LinkedIn can be a great tool and I’d highly recommend using it regularly.  By doing so, it can act as a virtual database for your professional contacts.

Networking with others should be a lifestyle and not simply a job searching strategy.  I believe it very important to develop a genuine interest in other people as true networking is a two-way street.  Please remember that it is not just about what you can get from others, but even more importantly it is about how you can help others as well.

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